Latest Update 17th February 2017.
  • An important part of my gardening style is to carefully plan what I'm growing and in which beds.  The plan is adjusted as I go to reflect any improvements I may make during the year.
  • I use it to coordinate planting and harvesting so the beds are kept occupied all year round.
  • Each year I start a new plan based on the old one in its improved form.  My 4 year crop rotation means all the plants will be grown in a new bed so this is built into the new plan.
  • The plan specifies when plantings take place and is aligned with the lunar cycle to obtain benefits which gardeners from antiquity have sworn by.
  • Modern biodynamic farmers use this practice too, but I just use it because its as good as any other scheduling system.  Rates of germination and early plant growth are very good, but there are many other contributing factors, and I don't claim any magical connections.
  • My planning and maintenance schedule is a calendar and a diary, and contains useful links to my vegetable database.  Useful information can be looked up when the next crop is ready to be grown. 
  • I also use it to remind me when to order seeds, and when to spray aerated compost tea, and when to look out for seasonal pests.  The main thing is it enables me to continuously improve my vegetable garden's performance, and perhaps improve my own performance as a gardener.
Use the link above for more details about the Planning and Maintenance Schedule.