Latest Update 7th February 2017.

  • I've been retired for 6 years and have spent considerable time developing a garden which depends (as much as possible) on renewables for fertility and plant health.
  • My wife and I grow a substantial proportion of our largely organic diet, and deal with local environmental issues such as low, unpredictable rainfall, and excessive heat in summer using strategies to lower water consumption and shade plants when needed against hot windy weather and intense sunlight.
  • The region in which I live is warm temperate, which means I can grow some food crops continuously all year round, and seasonal crops are grown in between so that there is a near continuous supply of food.  We don't have to worry too much about preservation and storage, although we do both to some extent.
  • The purpose of this blog is to share my gardening experiences with as many people as possible.  I do believe natures way of growing food provides the best nutrition and health outcomes possible and it is folly to think we can match or improve upon these processes developed naturally over the billions of years life has existed on this planet.  The use of fossil fuels to drive highly efficient agriculture has, I think, impoverished the soil and the food products grown in it.